Value Chain




Human Capital Development
Human Capital Development as it name suggests recognizes that people add value to the purpose of an enterprise and that people value can be significantly enhanced. 

It is a holistic processes for facilitating strategic objectives though the management of individual capabilities
While organizational  efficiency is more a matter of engineering optimum operational conditions & structure etc. the effectiveness of an organization is predominately determined through the positioning and the development of individual capabilities.
Each of the 4 element of the HCD process requires careful planning, human interaction and measurement, with consistent management review of the effectiveness of the whole.
An intangible outcome of the HCD Process is its positive contribution to the on-going evolution of an enterprisesí organizational culture.
Disposal is a mitigation option where individual capabilities cannot be aligned by other means. Disposal within the HCD process also recognizes that there are times of down-sizing where selection optimization, and the way that is performed, can have a significant impact on organizational value.
Leakage of personal occurs in the best of organizations. So such value waste needs to be anticipated and its potential minimized from within the HCD process.

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